As interconnected and precision agriculture continue to make an impact on farming, the IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference, which is scheduled for June 25-27 in Altoona, Iowa, has received attention from top farm producers in more than 20 states, and several countries including Canada, India and the United Kingdom.

IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference is sponsored by John Deere, Slingshot by Raven, AT&T, Trimble, AgIntegrated, SST Software, Wells Fargo, United Soils, AgSync, FHR Farms, CDMS, Inc. and Agri ImaGIS Technologies, Inc.

Demographics from registration unveils a global interest in interconnected farming. Data points for attendees include:

  • 80% use smartphones
  • 50% have installed interconnected systems
  • 70% plan to purchase and/or add to current interconnected systems
  • 70% plan to purchase application systems
  • 80% plan to purchase monitoring systems
  • 60% plan to purchase remote sensors
  • 40% plan to purchase full software packages for on farm interconnectivity
  • The average size of farmer/producer operations is 2700 acres
  • Registrants are from 44 counties in Iowa, 12 counties in Illinois, 14 counties in Minnesota, 21 counties in Missouri and 12 counties in Nebraska
  • Of the producer/farmer registered attendees 61% are in production row crops;  44% are in row crops and livestock; and 21% are in specialty areas including fiber, produce, and forage

"The inaugural IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference is an important launch where both farmers and manufacturers can meet face-to-face over two days to discuss ways smartphones, tablets, GPS, sensors and interconnected data networks can determine trends that result in a better ROI," says Raymond L. Bianchi, vice president and group show director. "The IDEAg Interconnectivity event will provide ag producers with exclusive information on cost-effective ways to upgrade their operations."

This week the event was integrated into an informative smartphone and tablet app created by AgIntegrated. It is available on both Apple and Android platforms in the App Store and Google Play by searching "IDEAg." The free app allows users to view information about sponsoring companies, access a schedule of educational events for the show in Altoona, Iowa, and even tweet to interested members of the ag community.

The IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference provides information on the interconnected farm and allows discussion between peers on the complexities of the current and future state of interconnected agriculture. Audience members will include farmers and agribusiness leaders representing technologies that are essential for an interconnected future.