Technology promises to allow producers to be more integrated and connected to their data and human assets.

Challenges with the interconnected farm will highlight the upcoming IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference, June 25-27, 2012, in Altoona, IA. Top producers from around the region have registered to attend the event, which is structured as an open forum of engagement and one-to-one participation showcasing next generation products and equipment. AgIntegrated has announced they would be unveiling Onsite, their new data asset management tool, at the event.

“The key to the future sustainability of agriculture is connectivity,” says Mike Santostefano, director of marketing and business development for AgIntegrated. “Onsite combines cloud, desktop, and mobile technologies with the Onsite Relay™, a wireless data transfer device, to provide a low--barrier-to-entry, professional toolset to connect the people within agriculture.”

Santostefano stresses that Onsite is an enhancement — not a replacement — for precision ag systems currently available through independent software vendors and equipment manufacturers. Onsite provides the ability to transfer and distribute files from any agronomic or precision ag software system to the field into any equipment, regardless of its operating platform, thus providing a mixed fleet solution for producers and service providers alike.

“With Onsite, producers can easily access and track staff, trusted advisors, and equipment asset locations in real time,” Santostefano explains. “The value is captured in costs savings and efficiencies for labor, fuel, and time, just to name a few, all the while keeping the producer connected to their operations via technologies they are already adopting — smart phones and tablets. The efficiency gains will be significant for a relatively small investment of less than $500.”

As part of the launch at the IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference, AgIntegrated plans to demonstrate Onsite’s integration with current equipment telematics and asset tracking systems, including Slingshot as well as direct connectivity with many of the industry’s precision ag software systems. For more information, please visit

IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference is sponsored by Platinum Sponsors - John Deere, Slingshot by Raven and AT&T. Gold sponsors include Trimble and AgIntegrated; Silver sponsors include Winfield Solutions, SST Software and Wells Fargo; and Bronze sponsors include CDMS, United Soils, AgSync and FHR.

The Conference debuts June 25-27, 2012 at Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino. IDEAg Interconnectivity Conference will provide information and allow open discussion on the complexities and benefits of farming in the interconnected age. Attendees will include farmers, producers, and agribusiness leaders representing technologies essential for an interconnected future. To learn more, visit