ATI Agritronics Inc. has announced major enhancements to two products in its line of cutting-edge agriculture technology products: the Smart Series Spray Boom Remote Control, and Spray Nozzle Lights.

The ATI Agritronics Spray Nozzle Lights allow growers to clearly identify their spray pattern, ensuring even coverage and optimal results. The new steel mounting bracket is more compact than the original poly bracket, and simplifies mounting on most sprayer models.

The ATI Agritronics Smart Series Spray Boom Remote Control offers unprecedented ability to control booms from outside the cab using a Wifi enabled smartphone or tablet app. A major enhancement makes it compatible with most sprayer models. The Smart Series Remote plugs into the spray control system, providing  growers a user-friendly platform for boom control, and efficient management of nozzle and boom calibration,  inspection and maintenance. 

“Effective and efficient farming practices are intregral to maximizing crop yield,” says Ken Jackson, CEO of ATI Agritronics. “ATI Agritronics is commited to providing product solutions that are both easy to use and that make a noticeable difference on our growers’ bottom lines. The enhancements to the Smart Series Spray Boom Remote Control and Spray Nozzle Lights demonstrate significant advancements in optimizing spray application which improves results and profits.”

For additonal information please contact ATI Agritronics at / 888.284.0112 or your local equipment dealer.