FREMONT, Calif. — Novariant, Inc. and Arag announce their partnership in the development of Arag’s newest automatic steering system to complement their precision spraying technology.

The collaboration utilizes Arag’s Delta 80 or Bravo 400S Crop Spraying Computer/Navigator Technologies with Novariant’s ECU-S1 Auto-steering Controller as a hub that interfaces with CAN (steer-ready) and Hydraulic Vehicle kits, as well as, Novariant’s fourth generation Mechanical Drive Unit (MDU-G4) to create a family of auto-steering solutions with the highest level of accuracy and repeatability.

Arag’s assisted steering solution uses Novariant’s ECU-S1 and MDU-G4 to connect to a tractor's steering wheel and provides one of the easiest to install automatic steering systems on the market that does not require removal of the steering wheel. Automated steering solutions hold the vehicle precisely on straight or curved paths, track even under difficult conditions, save time and reduce the potential for skips or overlaps, and enable farmers to apply chemicals only where they are needed thereby minimizing application costs and increasing productivity. ECU-S1 with Delta 80 Computer also provides auto-steering for factory steer-ready vehicles via CAN interface for a quick and seamless installation on steer-ready vehicles. The new auto-steering system uses also ECU-S1 Controller, Delta 80 Computer and hydraulic vehicle kits to directly interface with the tractor’s hydraulic system for the maximum steering accuracy.

"Novariant is excited to partner with Arag to help deliver on its vision of providing a suite of user-friendly and highly flexible agricultural guidance and precision steering solutions," says Dave Vaughn, CEO of Novariant, Inc. “Arag’s worldwide reputation for quality and performance in precision spraying technologies and their wide variety of state-of-the-art and robust display solutions, complement Novariant's proven and easy-to-install precision auto-steering solutions. Arag’s established partnership with numerous OEM customers fully aligns with Novariant’s focus on providing tailored solutions for OEM and VAR partners across the globe.”

“As the leading expert in spraying technology, Arag always aims for innovative solutions, to guarantee our customers the greatest possible success. The partnership with Novariant combines the most advanced precision spraying and display technologies with the knowledge of automated steering and precision guidance” says Giovanni Montorsi, CEO at Arag “Arag manufactures virtually every part on a sprayer. With the integrated steering products, Arag is now able to add also hands-free steering to the list of the offered high accuracy precision spraying solutions. Other big advantages of Novariant’s products are the open API structure of Novariant’s autosteering controllers to function with our display, their industry leading performance in terms of line acquisition and accuracy and their offered Automatic Calibration capability through simple operations. With Novariant’s high torque Mechanical Drive Unit (MDU) we can offer hands-free steering for any kind of sprayer.”