Novariant, Inc. announced today it has assigned the rights of its aftermarket Australian distributors to its longstanding partner, Ag Leader. The announcement shows a continued focus on providing tailored solutions for the VAR and OEM sectors.

This follows Novariant’s successful transition of its North American distribution in 2010 followed by transition of its European distribution in 2012 to Ag Leader.

The announcement reflects the strategic shift that has been underway since Novariant established partnerships with industry leading companies including Ag Leader Technology, Leica GeoSystems and Househam Sprayers etc.

“We recognize that there are two key points of purchase for precision steering solutions in the agriculture industry,” says Dave Vaughn, CEO of Novariant, Inc. "We have had great success in the aftermarket and will continue to meet those needs by providing solutions in conjunction with our strategic partner, Ag Leader. This move allows us to maintain our focus on OEM direct install and VAR markets with our suite of plug and play steering solutions”.

"We have a strong relationship with Ag Leader as evidenced by our joint success in North America and Europe," offered Vaughn. "We will continue to build on that success in Australia where our common distribution network makes for a natural transition."