MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — GEOSYS, a global provider of agronomic decision support tools, announced a partnership with Pessl Instruments GmbH to add local weather station data to its satellite imagery and weather model-based offerings.

GEOSYS has historically focused on satellite imagery to measure crop progress and variability, and has used the relationship to past and current weather data to better understand growing conditions. In its ambition to help agribusinesses with decision making from continent to field scale, GEOSYS wants to bring its customers more confidence through the measurement of actual local weather conditions. This global partnership expands end-user capabilities by incorporating data from PessI Instruments’ FieldClimate platform into GEOSYS products, such as Croptical.

“GEOSYS has set out to prove that the ‘Agricultural Internet of Things’ is not just hype, but a growing reality that is helping to improve decision-making across the agriculture supply chain,” said Damien Lepoutre, founder and president of GEOSYS. “We look forward to working with Pessl Instruments to provide an innovative platform combination that further demonstrates our commitment to enhance crop management capabilities and increase yield through data integration.”

KERNEL, a leading diversified agribusiness company in the Black Sea region, is a joint customer of GEOSYS and Pessl Instruments that is already realizing the value of utilizing satellite imagery and localized weather data. The global scope of GEOSYS’ partnership with Pessl Instruments will make this innovative way of monitoring field conditions more readily accessible to customers across the globe.

“Utilizing current global and local data to monitor crop progress is critical to managing our business,” said Konstantin Shityuk, head of modeling and monitoring services for the crop agribusiness division of KERNEL. “Seamless integration of data between two companies that we value, like GEOSYS and Pessl, makes it easy for us to use for making important decisions.”

PessI Instruments´ products, including weather stations, automatic insect traps, high resolution field cameras, soil moisture monitoring devices, irrigation automation controllers and more, are known around the world for helping farmers improve yields while saving on energy, water and fertilizer costs.

“Collaboration between proven agriculture technology providers is essential to the evolution of this industry,” said Gottfried Pessl, founder and CEO of Pessl Instruments. "By working with GEOSYS, we are enabling the localization of global model weather data with ground-level details to create more intelligent insights for growers. We believe it’s going to make a real difference to the bottom line.”

GEOSYS and Pessl Instruments intend to make localized weather data available to GEOSYS customers by April 15, 2016.