Novariant, Inc., a provider of advanced steering solutions for precision agriculture, announced today that Househam Sprayers Ltd will exclusively feature Novariant's automated steering systems integrated with their Fieldmaster terminal on its line of agricultural sprayers. This announcement reflects the strategic shift that has been underway since Novariant announced its new focus on providing steering solutions to OEMs during 2012.

The GPS automated steering systems will initially be available for Househam’s self-propelled sprayers. New sprayers can be purchased with autosteering capability activated from the factory. In addition, Househam dealers will be provided with aftermarket kits, which will enable them to retrofit existing sprayers in the field.

"Novariant is excited to partner with Househam to help deliver on its vision of providing high-tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world," Dave Vaughn, CEO of Novariant, Inc. "The strength of Househam's  Sprayers combined with Novariant's proven autosteering solutions will provide numerous benefits to farmers looking for the latest technology that enables them to be more efficient, environmentally responsible and ultimately, more profitable."

The customized automated steering systems will be based on Novariant's field-proven GeoSteer® technology, which has been integrated with Househam’s Fieldmaster terminal and vehicle hydraulics. The vehicle guidance system connects to a sprayer's steering system to automatically steer it in consistently straight rows for spraying and applying fertilizer. Automated steering solution saves time and reduces the potential for skips or overlaps and enables farmers to apply fertilizers and chemicals only where they are needed - minimizing application costs and increasing productivity.

"The GeoSteer system has tested to be outstanding in steering accuracy and has delivered reliable performance," said Andrew Kneen, Director of Engineering at Househam. "Novariant’s modular product architecture and open API made the integration into our solution extremely easy and seamless. Novariant’s products are designed with forward looking features and capabilities in mind. As our customers come to expect more and more machine automation, the new GeoSteer system will add core value to our machines now and in the future.”