BASF has announced it will integrate Iteris’ ClearAg high-resolution field level weather information into its precision ag products.

Under the agreement, Iteris’ ClearAg high-resolution, precision hail information will be integrated into BASF’s suite of precision agronomy sales and customer support tools. BASF sales and customer support staff will have access to Iteris’ field-level hail information, including descriptions of hail events by state, county, township, or zip code; hail amounts; and graphic maps of hail events in most U.S. states with the goal of being able to quickly notify U.S. corn and soybean growers in time for precise crop protection response to potential crop damage or other hail-related issues.

“It’s important for corn and soybean growers to quickly assess and respond to hail-related crop damage before fungus or other diseases have time to set in and cause further damage,” said Gary Fellows, Ph.D., BASF Tech Service Fungicide and Seed Treatment Manager. “By leveraging Iteris’ ClearAg hail data, we can send a notification to growers on how to treat or respond to hail-damaged crops for improved execution in the field.”

“By delivering our high-resolution ClearAg hail data to BASF, we are empowering their sales and support staff, as well as their U.S. Crop Protection customers, with actionable information for more proactive field response,” said Abbas Mohaddes, President and CEO of Iteris. “We look forward to working with the world’s largest chemical company and their efforts to bring high-value, decision-support services to their grower customer base in the U.S.”

ClearAg from Iteris provides agribusinesses with the actionable field-level weather information needed for data-driven decision making of efficient crop management, risk reduction and mitigation, and resource allocation. ClearAg is a series of application programming interfaces (API) and products that can be readily integrated with third-party agricultural software applications. ClearAg is currently available through a single partner and platform.