Trimble announced that its high-accuracy, satellite-delivered CenterPoint RTX correction service is now available for farmers in Latin America.

Trimble CenterPoint RTX can deliver better than 3.8-centimeter (1.5-inch) accuracies in real time without the use of traditional reference station RTK infrastructure, the company said. Initially, the CenterPoint RTX satellite-delivered correction service covered approximately a 1.8 billion-acre swath of central North America, extending from Canada into northern Mexico.

The new coverage area has been expanded to include all of Mexico, Central America, and South America, where farmers can use the GNSS correction service for cultivating, planting, pest and nutrient management, harvesting and water management.

"The expanded coverage of Trimble's satellite-delivered CenterPoint RTX service into Latin America further extends our broad portfolio of correction services, which also includes OmniSTAR VBS, HP, XP and G2; Trimble CenterPoint VRS; and the CenterPoint RTX service delivered via cellular communications," said Patricia Boothe, general manager of Trimble's Positioning Services Division. "By offering a suite of correction technologies and services, we can satisfy a variety of accuracy, delivery and budget requirements."

"We're committed to expanding the services and software applications that we provide to the global farming community.  Increasing the coverage area for high-accuracy GNSS correction services for Trimble's agriculture customers around the world is an example," said Erik Arvesen, vice president of Trimble's Agriculture Division. "In 2011, we offered real-time, satellite-delivered corrections over a central swath of North America where it was well received. Now, farmers in Latin America can also benefit from CenterPoint RTX services to perform precision agriculture operations. Our customers want a broad range of solutions and with CenterPoint RTX, we're delivering those options."

Trimble CenterPoint RTX real-time corrections are satellite delivered directly to the GNSS receiver, so there are no additional costs for mobile data plans or hardware such as radios and antennas.

The CenterPoint RTX service is compatible with the Trimble CFX-750 display, FmX integrated display, and the AG-372 GNSS receiver. The service is expected to be available by mid-July.

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