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“Selling products will only take you so far in today’s precision market. You’d better be diversifying your business plan if you plan to stay in business.” — Illinois precision farming manager

Precision Farming Dealer conducts primary research of dealers providing precision agricultural sales and service to farm customers. The only study of its kind, you can now access this wealth of data in this all-new FREE eGuide. In addition to examining the current state of the market, it also provides analysis to the prior-year’s survey data to monitor how retailers and resellers are adapting in a fast-moving market.

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  • Primary Objectives: Independent Revenue or Support for New Wholegoods Support and Aftermarket?
  • Revenue Streams: Hardware, Service/Support, Software Sales, Signal Subscriptions and Data Management
  • Precision Department Staffing (Allocations as Percent of Staff)
  • Menu of Precision Services Offered
  • Top Precision Dept. Priorities
  • Data Management Offerings: Direct vs. Subcontracted Options
  • 5-Year Investment Plans
  • Community commitment
  • 5-Year Revenue Stream Projections

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