Digi-Star Seed Tracker ST 3400
Digi-Star ST 3400 Seed Tracker

December 6, 2012 — Digi‐Star has introduced the ST 3400‐Seed Tracker, a precision management system for seed tenders. A full‐featured weighing and management tool, the ST 3400 is designed specifically to track seed weights on individual boxes or bulk bins.

"The pre‐programmable and auto‐shut off features makes it easy for anyone to use," said Digi‐Star Product Manager Gary Mill.

The ST 3400 can determine pre‐set weights with a pre‐programmable auto shut‐off for delivering precise seed quantities. It also comes with a downloadable software management reporting tool, including individual field identity, loads, date and time.

In addition to being easy‐to‐use, producers will find cost savings in better seed management, resulting in less clean out and a reduction in seed co‐mingling. Only the amount of seed needed is placed into the planter.

Kevin Klubertanz Digi‐Star Director of Marketing and Sales said, "The ST 3400 is another example of how Digi‐Star listens and reacts to the needs of producers to provide complete management solutions."

The ST 3400 is currently available on all scale-ready seed tenders.