Precision Drone LLC announced today the launch of “One Touch” image processing. Through this innovation, their growers utilizing the Pacesetter model will have the ability to create usable maps with the click of a button. The Noblesville, Ind., farm based company, is excited to simplify the most challenging part of drone operation. Images will still be processed in the field allowing the grower to maintain control of their data at all times.

Precision Drone LLC currently manufactures and distributes drones through a developed dealer network both nationally and internationally and will offer this solution through all distribution channels. “There have been clear industry challenges with image processing across the board.” says Aaron Sheller one of the owners of Precision Drone and a seventh generation farmer.

This innovation not only allows the grower to be more time efficient and effective in the field with their Pacesetter, but will allow the grower to concentrate on flying rather than worrying about processing. “We have always focused on the grower. What is best for them, we feel, is to maintain the right to their information and be able to share it with the advisers they choose.” adds Matt Minnes the other owner of Precision Drone LLC. “I have noticed areas on our operation in central Indiana where we don’t have quality services needed to transmit via the internet.

That added to the time lag between flying and actually getting the health maps back has created limits in yield. It goes back to being a proactive rather than a reactive farmer. On my operation I want to make decisions on the work we preformed the same day.” says Sheller. With the innovation of “One Touch” every grower will have the ability to just click and process.