CUMMING, Ga., — MapShots Inc. recently released its first Service Pack for 2015, SP0. A major update to the company's signature AgStudio services platform, SP0 is the first of several planned AgStudio services updates throughout the year.

For SP0, MapShots reworked the field op platform and changed how data is imported and read, among other revisions. "The SP0 update will increase speed and efficiency of the AgStudio platform for most users," said Ted Macy, Vice-President of Operations at MapShots.

All users with current subscriptions to AgStudio FARM or AgStudio PRO platforms are eligible to convert to SP0. Users can access a link with information on how to prepare for the conversion by visiting Benefits gained from the conversion include more powerful tools to export data to field devices and read data from field devices.

"MapShots customers may choose when to convert or migrate to the new version based on their needs," said Macy. "If their current version meets the needs they have this spring, they can postpone migration until as late as mid-summer. However, if they want to use the newest SP0 features now, we will be happy to schedule a time for conversion."

The Service Packs allow MapShots to release new features, tweak various aspects and make adjustments where appropriate during the year. They allow MapShots to keep users current with the rapidly changing technology.