Making its debut appearance at the 2015 InfoAg conference in St. Louis, MO, SOYL will be exhibiting its groundbreaking new app, iSOYL. This pioneering new system enables growers to easily manage their precision farming tasks direct from the tractor cab, streamlining the variable rate application process to save time, money and effort.

iSOYL has been designed with a clear, uncluttered layout, to let you access all of your precision farming data in one place. The system runs on an iPad and the touch-screen allows the user to quickly find, control and edit files, making iSOYL much more practical to use than current systems.

In the cab, the large, full colour display makes application maps clear and there are no small, fiddly buttons to press; that can make a real difference if you are amending your application files on the move or dropping markers to record a point of interest.

SOYL has led precision agriculture in the UK since 1993 and offers a range of services which help growers profit from variable rate prescriptions. Simon Parrington, SOYL’s commercial director explains, “We are always keen to develop in response to customer requirements, and data management is a key factor to improve the user experience. Borne from this was iSOYL, a cutting edge system which allows effortless data transfer from office to field as well as practical tools to control and edit files from the cab.”

A new feature to be demonstrated for the first time at InfoAg is the ability to upload shape files onto the device. Tom Parker, business development manager for SOYL comments, “As a common file format for variable rate prescriptions, we are pleased to offer shape file import and return of ‘as applied’ records through the integration of Dropbox and Microsoft’s OneDrive. This simplistic approach will ensure iSOYL is accessible to all international growers.”

Other innovative features of iSOYL include the automatic write back of data into crop recording systems and the capability to record points of interest such as weed populations. This eliminates the need to manually write and transfer notes therefore reducing the risk of errors and time spent on office admin.

Simon states, “Since the launch of iSOYL in January 2015, I have been overwhelmed by the high level of interest received from UK growers. I am very excited to now be able to share this app with our international audience at InfoAg 2015. After years of attending the event as a delegate I am really proud that SOYL is now an exhibitor to showcase our country’s innovation.”

Using iSOYL will cost $795 and an annual in app purchase of $75 for cloud storage. This price includes the smart cable and in cab charging solution, all adaptors and the in-cab mounting system. The app itself is free to download from the Apple App Store. To find out more visit