Avery Weigh-Tronix 2060Avery Weigh-Tronix introduces the 2060 multi-purpose weight indicator with Field Foreman application software and Farm Foreman PC software. The easy-to-use indicator and powerful agricultural software provide a total weighing and transaction recording solution for both planting and harvest seasons.

An easy-to-read large graphic display ensures good visibility whatever the lighting conditions, while the graphic display also allows for user-friendly features including bar graphs.

One Indicator, Two Seasons

The 2060 saves money and improves efficiency by allowing the same indicator to be used in spring with your Seed Tender and in fall with your Grain Cart.

Billy Folkerts, ag product manager at Avery Weigh-Tronix, explains, “With producers facing high input costs and lower commodity prices, it is even more important than ever to work efficiently and spend wisely when upgrading equipment. The 2060’s economical price, combined with planting and harvest specific software in one indicator, meets these criteria. Many farms find themselves in a catch 22 when it comes to planting – as their operations grow, the window of time to plant remains the same and there are not enough hours in the day. Field Foreman creates the efficiency needed to plant more acres in less time”

2060 with Field Foreman allows the single seed tender scale system to track separate pro boxes or hoppers individually including net weight, hybrid, and seeds per pound. This gives the producer complete visibility of their seed inventory, enabling them to determine how many acres they can plant without having to touch a calculator.

Folkerts continues, “Whether it was a good crop or bad crop, high market price or low market price, we understand that our customers need to know exactly what came out of their field. The SmartLoad feature ensures automatic load tracking and accurate recording.  The fact that SmartLoad is software based eliminated the need for cables and sensors which can be a common failure point on hardware solutions. It is also worth adding that the cost of Farm Foreman is often less than one overload ticket, so using the system to avoid overloading trucks can really reap benefits too.”

Additional features include SmartGate which allows the user to load the exact target Gross Vehicle Weight every time, ensuring that trucks do not leave the field overloaded.

The new indicator will sync effortlessly with Farm Foreman PC software, providing powerful inventory management and reporting capabilities as well as time saving features such as the ability to automatically calculate shrink for harvest transactions.

For more information, visit www.agscales.com.