SANTA ANA, Calif. -- Iteris Inc., a provider information solutions to the transportation and agriculture markets, has entered into an agreement with the Minnesota Wheat Research and Promotion Council (MWRPC) to provide custom weather and soil data to localize wheat disease models for Minnesota wheat growers via Iteris’ precision farming data delivery platform, ClearAg. MWRPC members will gain access to high-resolution weather and soil data for decision support on planning fungicide applications to on-farm research through the ClearAg App.

Specifically, Iteris plans to provide its unique modeling-as-a-service to wheat producers by hosting the publicly developed Fusarium Head Blight Forecasting model and the Wheat Leaf Disease Forecasting model through the ClearAg precision farming platform. This platform is expected to provide producers with instant access to these forecasting models through easily understood maps and graphics on their mobile devices. Minnesota wheat growers should also be able to access the Wheat Disease models at

“We look forward to providing the MWRPC with next-generation agronomic and atmospheric modeling services through our ClearAg platform in order to assist wheat producers improve their crop management and crop quality,” said Tom Blair, senior vice president of Performance Analytics at Iteris. “We anticipate our ClearAg App will allow wheat growers to have comprehensive access to weather, water, soil, and crop growth information alongside their publicly developed wheat disease modeling information. Not only will the service provide real-time decision support analytics for farmers and agronomists, but it should also help growers leverage the models to define, defend, and clarify their wheat production operations. This relationship underscores Iteris’ commitment to agriculture and improved food quality in support of growing global consumption.”

ClearAg is a decision support application for precision farming built upon Iteris’ EMPower adaptive forecasting engine. As new information becomes available, the ClearAg system adapts to provide the most accurate, location-based information available on a worldwide basis. ClearAg’s patented technologies combine global, multi-sensor weather analyses, ensemble-based weather forecasting, customized soil modeling, and a staff of expert meteorologists to create what the firm believes to be the most accurate, science-based environmental information available. ClearAg leverages Iteris’ precision weather and global soil content with the power of agronomic models to solve complex agricultural challenges.

“The ClearAg farming platform offers substantial value, as it provides us with the most precise Minnesota weather information available to drive wheat disease models,” said David Torgerson, executive director of MWRPC. “Besides providing statewide forecasting maps via the website, we are looking forward to having the forecasting models integrated into ClearAg for easy access, field-specific applications.”