DULUTH, Ga. —  AGCO Corp. (NYSE:AGCO), announced its latest investment and development in planting. AGCO entered into an agreement with Precision Planting, an affiliate and business of The Climate Corp., that introduces factory integration of select Precision Planting technology to AGCO's White Planters line. New options will soon be available to give customers improved performance and the ability to utilize new and emerging technologies.

AGCO Enters Agreement with Precision PlantingContinuing with AGCO's Fuse Technologies approach to open architecture, the agreement also enables farmers to integrate their on-farm data into The Climate Corp.'s digital agriculture platform. This data connection enhances farmers' ability to seamlessly and easily collect data in one place and gain personalized insights through digital tools to help them make more informed decisions about their operations.

"We work closely with growers, designers and partners to develop what farmers want and need in a planter," says John Menssen, marketing manager for seeding and tillage at AGCO. "The addition of Precision Planting technology will give farmers new options in today's planting environment."

AGCO will be announcing new options and models of its White Planters line in the coming months that will include technologies made available from Precision Planting.

"Our White Planters line is known for achieving great planting accuracy," asserts Menssen. "Our focus is to continue to achieve that high level of accuracy while giving farmers expanded access to the latest in top-performing technologies, practices and products."

"Through this agreement, we're pleased to provide farmers with two ways to improve operations," said Mike Stern, president and chief operating officer at The Climate Corp. "We're making it easy for farmers to access the latest Precision Planting technology on AGCO planters to enhance planting performance, and we're enabling them to seamlessly integrate on-farm data into their Climate accounts to help them make more informed decisions about their operations."

"This development between AGCO and Precision Planting is one element of AGCO's global strategy to bring innovative and open solutions to AGCO customers and dealers," according to Eric Hansotia, AGCO's senior vice president of Global Crop Cycle, Advanced Technology Solutions and Dealer Tech Support.

Other AGCO strategic alignments include Bayer, DuPont, BASF, Connected Farm and Slingshot.

For more information on White Planters, the industry-leading row-crop planter line from AGCO, visit www.white-planters.com.