WINNIPEG, Manitoba — FarmersEdge has appointed Kevin Grant, PhD, as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), to drive the company’s existing precision agriculture technology platform and accelerate the potential of its big data capabilities.

“Kevin brings an incredibly unique combination of talent and expertise both from the farm and as a former co-founder of Granduke Geomatics and Professor of Computer Science at the University of Lethbridge,” says Patrick Crampton, Chief Product Officer, FarmersEdge. “He was instrumental in leading the fusion of computer science and geographic technology of Granduke through to the recent acquisition of the company to our Farmers Edge technology platform. We are thrilled to have him drive the future potential and strategic direction of our technology.” 

In his new role as CTO, Grant will be responsible for providing overall strategic and operational direction to the company’s software development, hardware development and technology innovation. In addition, he will assist the Chief Operating Office and Senior Management team in establishing strategic plans for technology growth and implementation, operating policies and procedures to ensure the achievement and success of corporate objectives.

This announcement joins the momentum of the rapid growth of the company within the past 12 months. The company claims what sets them apart as a leader in precision agriculture is their strong understanding and relationships with growers — what FarmersEdge says is a direct result of their “boots on the ground,” in the field intelligence, in addition to their aggressive acquisition of data, both current and historical satellite imagery and massive deployment network of weather stations. 

“FarmersEdge is on the brink of tapping into the amazing potential of not only what Big Data means for global agriculture but most importantly the Right Data. I am excited to be a part of such a high caliber and talented team leading this innovation,” Grant says. “It is the incredible potential of Big Data and predictive analytics that I am thrilled to bring to farmers worldwide. It’s a game changer in today’s business of agriculture and these are incredibly exciting times.”