DairyProQ, a fully automated robotic rotary milking parlor, is now available to the North American market. DairyProQ revolutionizes the way large-scale dairies can capture efficiencies in robotic milking by reaching high throughput goals with significantly less labor.

"DairyProQ brings commercial dairies the efficiency of rotary parlors combined with the consistency of robotic udder prep and milking," says Matt Daley, head of GEA's milking and dairy farming sales in North America. "We are pleased to bring this opportunity to producers in the U.S. and Canada to improve labor efficiency, strengthen dairy profitability and produce high-quality milk on a more consistent basis than ever before."

Each stall unit on the DairyProQ rotary has its own robotic module, and is designed to automate the entire milking process. Teat cup attachment, teat prep (including pre-dipping), fore-stripping, stimulation, milking and post-dipping are done within the liner, in one single attachment. The unit is automatically removed and backflushed between milkings to sanitize the cluster between cows.

Special needs cows or those needing individual attention, can be milked on a semi-automated (manual) basis as needed.

"Cow comfort comes first in all GEA parlor systems because cow comfort is the foundation of a healthy, productive dairy," Daley says. "DairyProQ is of course no exception. It's built with a smooth cow-friendly design that makes it easy for cows to enter and exit stalls. Additionally, the 'plug and play' robotic modules have been designed so one can be removed for service and replaced with no interruption to operation. Your cows and your milking schedule stay right on track."

See the DairyProQ robotic rotary parlor up close with live demonstrations of this innovative technology at World Dairy Expo, Sept. 29-Oct. 3 in Madison, Wis. in Exhibition Hall booths 2001-2307.

For more information, contact GEA at 1-877-WS-DAIRY (1-877-973-2479).