NEODESHA, Kan. — AgEagle is pleased to announce the inclusion of its system in the Precision Agriculture Collaborative led by Southeast Kansas Education Service Center, better known as Greenbush, designed to educate area students on new agricultural technology that is being used in the field today — and let them experience first-hand how this technology is improving agricultural processes and efficiencies.

In the Precision Agriculture Collaborative, up to 12 students from each of three southeast Kansas school districts will work with local farmers to monitor and study crops with the assistance of unmanned aerial systems, remote aircrafts and other technologies, and through these technologies, learn how to improve agricultural processes and efficiencies, and, where possible, reduce the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Greenbush provides leadership and support to school districts and leading edge educational opportunities for learners of all ages. It is known for its flexibility and willingness to adapt to the needs of those it serves. The program was made possible by recently awarded grants from three community-based organizations focused on promoting environmental education and sustainability throughout the U.S.

AgEagle CEO and founder, Bret Chilcott, commented, “Innovation and advancement in precision ag has become paramount to improving agriculture businesses and surrounding communities. Educating local and future growers, first-hand, on the enormous benefits of this technology on crop yield, chemical output, sustainability and profitability is one of our top priorities, and to know that organizations like Greenbush are actively progressing towards the same goal, and finding other organizations to support their efforts, is a huge win for everyone.”