Precision Drone LLC announced that it will offer scouting services to growers and businesses for hire.

The Noblesville, Ind.-based company is excited to extend the service of same day scouting to field management decisions directly to the grower. Precision Drone LLC currently manufactures and distributes drones through a developed dealer network both nationally and internationally.

Through Federal Aviation Administration allowance Precision Drone will be able to offer scouting services with the Precision Drone Pacesetter for hire through all of its participating dealer locations.

"The differences we have made in management style after utilizing the Pacesetter on our own operations have been profound and we want all growers across the country to see these benefits to both yield and conservation." says Aaron Sheller one of the owners of Precision Drone and a seventh generation farmer.

Allowing Precision Drone to fly, operate, and map fields for growers will allow the grower to see the true benefits of the product prior to purchase.

"We realize that growers utilizing our product are agricultural industry leaders and with the ability to fly and map 160 acres an hour from the field they will continue to be." says Matt Minnes the other owner of Precision Drone LLC.

Time efficiency and application timeliness are two big players limiting the profitability of growers today.

"With the proper Pacesetter scouting plan and creating variable rate application maps off of these images, we proved last season on average over testing on our own farm we were able to cost justify our drone in less than 240 acres. The key is putting imputes where they will receive the most return on investment." says Sheller.