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RedEdge Multispectral Camera

Tech Specs: The MicaSense RedEdge is an advanced, lightweight, multispectral camera optimized for use in small unmanned aircraft systems, and available for use on manned aircraft as well. The system provides accurate multi-band data for agricultural remote sensing applications. It shares more design features with Earth imaging satellites than it does with standard consumer cameras, but also provides enough detail to see individual plants. Through the narrowband filters and the camera’s calibration, different vegetation indices can be accurately calculated, enabling farmers and agronomists to do more hands-on and detailed work in their fields. Coupled with MicaSense ATLAS, the system provides a complete imaging, processing and analysis system ready for integration with any platform.


WOW Factor: Adds actual data to conventional RGB images by capturing the numerical reflectance values behind each pixel. The vegetation indices produced from these values give farmers and agronomists an inside look into their crops, allowing them to create targeted solutions before problems appear. Calibrated and precise, data produced by the system is comparable over time, providing farmers with accurate insight into their crop’s health from planting to harvest, year after year.

Field Connect

Field Connect Gateway 3G

Tech Specs: The new John Deere Field Connect Gateway 3G and Field Connect wireless radio option allows users a wider range of serviceability when installed in the field for remote moisture and environmental sensing. All new units will be shipped with 3G modems in the Field Connect Gateway. Current users looking to upgrade units from 2G to 3G can do so at a low cost and with a quick turnaround. Upgraded 3G modems can reach more locations with faster connection speeds. In addition, the upgrade prepares field units for wireless connectivity, an optional feature that maximizes the use in remote locations.


WOW Factor: Allow producers to add up to 8 radios to be used as field nodes for each gateway to provide more detailed field information. Users can use the kits to optimize the number of nodes within one mile of the gateway, and can connect up to 8 nodes per gateway with 3G coverage. The wireless option is compatible with existing Field Connect Gateway systems, soil moisture probes and environmental sensors.

Load Judge

The Load Judge

Tech Specs: The Load Judge from Leading Edge Industries uses patent-pending, high-tech sensors and a user-friendly smartphone or tablet app to load grain trailers with a high degree of accuracy. The system compiles data received from 6 sensors placed within a grain trailer. Information gathered from these sensors — along with another sensor that determines moisture content — is inputted into a predetermined algorithm. The system senses proximity and calculates the shape and size of the impending load, then instantly transmits the data to a free app for the driver’s smartphone or tablet. Data is adjustable based on different trailer makes and models, and the app displays specific commodity configuration graphics for the exact trailer being loaded. A bushel estimator provides accurate bushel quantities throughout the loading process, while a pile peak adjustment feature accounts for differences in piling wet or dry commodities to allow the user to customize accordingly. Desired load levels can be set and saved for every condition, making the process repeatable for every load.

Compatibility Index: Exclusively Aftermarket Product


WOW Factor: By monitoring proper grain distribution on the trailer axles as loading occurs, farmers and grain haulers alike can be assured of highly accurate loads. This helps avoid both costly traffic tickets from being overloaded and lost transport efficiency when traveling with a load that is too light. Because everything is done from the safety and comfort of the cab, there no need to stand in the cold or breathe in grain dust while loading.

PCE Lightspeed

PCE LightSpeed

Tech Specs: PCE’s LightSpeed is a platform for manure dragline operators. Pump units can be spaced miles apart and this system brings complete operation of all the units onto a single screen. The user can control and monitor the engines, pump pressures, flow rates and gate valves of every unit in the system from a secure Web browser. The product helps start up and shut down a system almost instantly, saving time and allowing the operator to quickly dial in flow efficiencies. Each pump unit houses a PCE Guardian Panel, which monitors the unit and, through its cruise-control feature, can automatically throttle the engine to maintain prescribed inlet and outlet pressures. This protects the pump, keeps safe line pressure in the hose and automatically optimizes flow rates. within those boundaries.

Compatibility Index: Available Factory Installed


WOW Factor: The systems contribute to making manure application safer, easier and more efficient. Agitation Boats with auto-steer and pump units with cruise control, allow units to operate automatically and respond automatically when needed. In the field, operators can monitor all the pressures, engine RPMs and even read the flow meter at the site or the level of the pit. These technologies allow the team to dial in performances for better flow rates, which in turn lowers fuel consumption per gallon of manure applied.

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