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NEXT INSTRUMENTS — CropScan 1000H On Farm Analyzer


Tech Specs: The 3 in 1 CropScan 1000H On Farm Analyzer from Next Instruments is a multipurpose NIR analyzer that measures protein, moisture and oil in grains on the combine, in an auger or off a conveyor belt, or as a portable on farm analyzer. The system consists of a near infrared (NIR) spectrometer, a remote sampling head and a PC controller. The sampling head can be mounted to the clean grain elevator on the combine or fitted to an auger or conveyor belt. The NIR spectrometer has a fiber optic cable to connect it to the sampling head. The touchscreen PC controls the entire system and provides real-time paddock maps for protein and oil. Data can be stored in the PC or sent to the Internet where it can be accessed remotely from a smart phone, tablet or office PC. The NIR spectrometer can be detached and used in the shed or office as a bench top NIR analyzer.

Compatibility Index: Available Factory Installed

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WOW Factor: The first multi-purpose NIR analyzer designed to provide year round functionality for grain farmers. The system provides a means of segregating grain based on protein during harvest, along with monitoring grain as it is loaded onto a truck. The system also provides protein maps, nitrogen removal maps, variable-rate fertilization application and gross margin maps.

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