The field applicator is controlled from within HarvestMaster’s Mirus field data collection software using a software plugin.

Using the Mirus field applicator plugin, users can select which treatments to apply to individual plots from within the Mirus dashboard, and can choose to control the field applicator either manually or automatically, based on GPS location. This system significantly reduces error in treatment applications and improves productivity by streamlining the application process in the field.

Compatible with a wide range of research spray systems, the Mirus field applicator plugin eliminates the usual bulky and often confusing toggle switch boxes that are typically used to control field applicators. The user simply imports a file that specifies which formulation is to be applied to each plot, then selects whether to control the applicator either manually or through GPS positioning data, and the system is ready to go.

HarvestMaster will be demonstrating their new field applicator system at ASTA’s upcoming CSS 2015 & Seed Expo, held in Chicago from Dec. 8–10. To learn more, contact HarvestMaster online or by phone at (435)753-1881.