HarvestMaster, a Juniper Systems company that focuses on agricultural data collection applications, just announced its newest harvest data system, the H2 High Capacity GrainGage. The H2 is designed to collect highly accurate data on large-plot, high-volume grain samples, such as corn or so ybeans.

Available for both single and split-plot combines, the H2 GrainGage features advanced technology to provide superior data accuracy, enhanced efficiency, and reduced maintenance for users. The system utilizes patented slope and motion sensors to minimize data errors due to combine movement and ground slope. This way, the H2 may continue to collect high-accuracy data without the operator needing to stop the combine.

The H2 also features a new, streamlined design, with a new weighing system that can collect test weight, moisture, and plot weight measurements simultaneously, drastically reducing cycle time. Another aspect of the H2’s design is based on HarvestMaster’s industry-proven Classic GrainGage, which helps move grain cleanly in and out of the chambers, further improving data accuracy and reducing maintenance.

“We are really excited with the results we’ve seen from the H2 GrainGage. The improvements in data accuracy and cycle time are significant, and operators are going to love the reduced maintenance as well,” said Allen Wilson, HarvestMaster’s Market Manager. “I can say confidently that the H2 is the best field data collection tool for large grains to date.”

HarvestMaster is now accepting orders for the H2 High Capacity GrainGage and will begin shipping the product soon. For more information, contact HarvestMaster or visit their website here: http://www.harvestmaster.com/HarvestMaster/products/GrainGage-Options/H2