The agBOT Challenge on May 7, 2016, is a competition to develop autonomous crop seeders with specific capabilities. Competitors will build technology to provide real-time data utilizing a mobile tracking antenna. Teams will compete in development of hardware, software, sensors, and human-machine control interfaces to enable their robotic technology and further propel the field of robotics in agriculture.

Sponsors for the 2016 agBOT Challenge represent key influencers in Agriculture, Science, and the Midwestern United States.

Jay Akridge, Purdue University Dean of Agriculture, is excited for the opportunities the Challenge brings to Purdue students.

“The agBOT Challenge provides an exceptional opportunity for our students to put their Purdue Agriculture coursework to the test in a dynamic, real-world problem-solving environment.  We are continually looking for ways to engage our students in experiential learning activities, and the agBOT Challenge does just that.  The Challenge also puts a big spotlight on the role of STEM in agriculture and the technology that undergirds contemporary agricultural production, and will help raise awareness of our industry broadly – which helps us recruit outstanding students into the College.”

2016 agBOT Challenge Sponsors:

Gold Sponsors:

  • Apex One Equity LLC
  • Tom Farms
  • Precision Planting

Silver Sponsors:

  • John Deere
  • Purdue Polytechnic Institute
  • Purdue Foundry
  • Purdue College of Agriculture
  • AGCO

Award Sponsors:

  • Barnes and Thornburg LLP


  • NEUPATH Engineering Opportunities
  • Broadband Antenna Tracking Systems (BATS)

There are 36 sponsorship positions available with three levels: platinum, gold and silver.

If you or your organization is interested in the 2016 agBOT Challenge and the development of autonomous crop seeding there are several ways you can get involved…

  • Sponsor the 2016 agBOT Challenge
  • Exhibit at the 2016 agBOT Challenge
  • Partner or Volunteer with the 2016 agBOT Challenge
  • Attend the 2016 agBOT Challenge on May 7, 2016
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