Round two of the agBot Challenge 2016 Hackathons is quickly approaching. The first Hackathon held in January was a success with interactions between teams, sponsors and ag leaders.

The events are being held to provide support to the teams entered in the upcoming agBot Challenge 2016 slated for May 6. Eleven teams from across the U.S. and Canada have entered the competition to design unmanned planters, controlled remotely with highly sophisticated communication abilities.

Hackathon II will be held at the Parke County Fairgrounds in Rockville, Ind., on March 25 and 26. All teams, sponsors and exhibitors are welcome to attend on-site or via virtual portal on the WebEx site set for the 36-hour event. All attendees must pre-register for the event using the EventBrite link.

The Hackathon II event will include teams and mentors coming together for a long work session to accomplish the creation and application in any of the five objectives in preparation for the final agBot Challenge hosted on May 6, 2016.

1.    Precision planting observation methods for agBots

2.    Weather data influence on agBot decision making

3.    agBot return to docking and loading sensors for seed and fertilizer

4.    agBot connectivity and successful real time observation

5.    Accuracy of data — storage, analytics and real time application

During Hackathon II, new technology will be on-site such as communication software — Fast Antenna (BATS), precision planting software — Monsanto, precision planting software — AgReliant, USG unloading tender, planting hardware and software — Precision Planting, water sensors — Waterbit.

These supporting groups will present on Friday morning to the teams as the Hackathon begins. Teams will then have the opportunity to work together and ask questions to the experts as needed.

On Saturday, teams will present their work in the afternoon and will be judged on their accomplishments. Five awards will be given out to the top performer for each objective. The event will conclude with an awards and dinner session.

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