SST Software and Servi-Tech announce an application program interface (API) connection through the agX Platform to streamline data processing and seamlessly integrate with other agricultural services.

Servi-Tech is the largest crop consulting and agronomic service company in the nation, providing agronomic services to more than 1,900 producers across seven states. The crop consulting division has approximately 1 million acres under contract. Using the newest agricultural technology, Servi-Tech strives to make the most efficient use of their crop production resources.

With the new agX Platform API integration, Servi-Tech will be able to streamline internal processes of orders submitted from SST Summit or SST Sirrus. Through the new functionality created, Servi-Tech will be able to bar code soil sample bags to automate the process and more efficiently deliver data to the SST server. The agX API integration allows the two companies to efficiently transfer data securely so producers can get the information they need, when they need it.

“The integration of Streamline with the agX platform will help Servi-Tech Laboratory and SST customers drastically increase efficiency with automated soil data delivery,” said Ryan Meister, Director of Technology Development with Servi-Tech. “With this update, Servi-Tech Laboratories delivers soil results directly to the soil sampling operation within SST’s system.”

Soil sampling is essential to effective soil fertility planning and management. Samples reflect the overall fertility of the field so subsequent recommendations can be made in an efficient, precise manner. Utilizing these results, producers can adequately supply the proper nutrients needed for plant production by applying the right inputs to maintain or improve the physical, chemical and biological condition of the soil. Collaboration through the agX Platform has allowed Servi-Tech’s agronomy precision solutions team and SST’s advanced geospatial tools to come together to provide a more dynamic service for producers.

“Precise agronomic applications are important to SST users,” said Matt Waits, SST Software CEO. “Servi-Tech’s expertise and use of current technologies, research and science combined with SST’s in-field mobility geospatial tools, advanced data processing and multi-year analysis capabilities creates a progressive opportunity for the ag community that will help growers optimize their inputs and outputs.”

SST Software was one of the first companies in what is commonly referred to as precision farming and today manages more than 100 million acres of geospatial farm data. SST’s tools allow ag service providers to site-specifically collect, analyze and manage data on crop production fields. SST’s holistic ecosystem is built upon a strong foundation of five key essentials that helps end users optimize and scale their geospatial data needs. Location, standardization, automation, centralization and communication are the SST essentials present to sustain a quality, enterprise level precision ag program.

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