Sentera has announced NDVI upgrades that transform new or existing DJI Inspire drones into precision ag scouting tools while retaining full functionality of the Inspire's 360° camera.

The NDVI Upgrade seamlessly integrates Sentera’s proven Single Sensor with the intuitive DJI Inspire drone, capturing precise near-infrared (NIR) imagery and producing NDVI crop maps.

“To stay competitive, growers require real-time visibility of crop health data while using existing or low-cost precision agriculture tools. Sentera’s Inspire NDVI Upgrade directly supports this requirement,” said Kris Poulson, vice president of agriculture for Sentera. “Pairing our proven Sentera Single Sensor with an Inspire allows growers to add critical NIR and NDVI capabilities to a robust commercial drone while retaining the incredible imagery capabilities of the Inspire to which users are already accustomed.”    

The Sentera Single Sensor is the smallest, lightest precision agriculture sensor available today, offering 1.2MP or 10MP NDVI and a global shutter for crisp, clear aerial data collection. The Single Sensor seamlessly integrates with Sentera’s AgVault Software, allowing growers to easily leverage crop health imagery at the field edge, where immediate action can be taken.   

“Our customers have had incredible success scouting their crops using Sentera’s NDVI upgrade with the Phantom 3 Professional and Advanced platforms. We are excited to extend this valuable NDVI capability to the high-endurance Inspire airframe,” Poulson commented.

Existing INSPIRE drones can be sent directly to Sentera or a Sentera-authorized reseller, where skilled Technicians professionally integrate a high-precision Single Sensor into the drone. Alternatively, growers wishing to obtain a new Inspire drone with NDVI capabilities may purchase both items directly through Sentera at the same time. Engineers will integrate the Single Sensor before shipment. 

Sentera’s Inspire NDVI Upgrade will be available for the 2016 growing season. Visit to learn more and order the upgrade.