FarmLogs today announced the launch of its new nitrogen (N) rescue program that helps farmers save and improve yield by addressing N deficiencies that can still be corrected late in the season. Immediately available in the corn belt, the comprehensive N rescue service automatically detects deficiencies in the field, sends an alert to growers, and connects participants with a local custom applicator that can apply a late-season, variable-rate sidedress fertilizer application.

FarmLogs utilizes satellite imagery and scientific algorithms to remotely identify seasonal field patterns and to detect cornfields that are losing yield to N stress. Growers that would benefit from a rescue application are alerted via email and are able to generate a FarmLogs Variable Rate Nitrogen Prescription customized for each field for $4.25 per acre. Participants are matched with prescreened custom sidedress applicators equipped with high clearance sprayers to deliver N into tall corn. Transactions for the rescue application and fertilizer remain between the farmer and the service provider.

“There is huge, untapped value in applying nitrogen late in the game. We’re simplifying the process and breaking down the economic and equipment barriers to adopting this practice,” said Jesse Vollmar, CEO and co-founder of FarmLogs. “Now, we can tell you exactly how stressed your corn is, provide a custom prescription with the push of a button, and have a local applicator on its way so that you can earn back some of that yield and revenue.”