ORLANDO, Fla. – From the first annual FarmLogs User Conference in Orlando, Fla., FarmLogs released updates to its 2016 product offering. The company unveiled two recommendation-based products: Nitrogen Monitoring and Variable-Rate Prescriptions for seeding and nitrogen. The new features are available immediately.

"We’ve taken a huge step forward in our mission to create a better future for farming. We’re now able to go beyond just exposing important data and insights to offering field-specific recommendations that increase profitability and reduce environmental impact,” said Jesse Vollmar, CEO and co-founder of FarmLogs. “Over five seasons of high-resolution multi-spectral satellite imagery and soil survey data, combined with data science and analytics, allow us to capture variations in the field in an entirely new way. This unprecedented approach automatically accounts for seasonal conditions and other variables, making site-specific management incredibly accessible and easy to use.”

Nitrogen Monitoring shows nitrogen availability on a daily basis and provides users with an unlimited amount of flat-rate application recommendations to help farmers lower their input costs by eliminating waste.

Variable-Rate Prescriptions enable users to remotely identify and manage the unique performance characteristics of each field. Nitrogen and seeding prescriptions utilize automatic management zones to take the guesswork out of knowing where, when, and how much nitrogen and seed to apply per zone with no need to collect additional data.

While FarmLogs Standard will remain free forever, FarmLogs Advantage subscriptions have an annual fee of $2,499 and will now include Nitrogen Monitoring, Crop Health Monitoring and Automatic Activity Recording. Variable-Rate Prescriptions are available as an add-on for Advantage subscribers for $8.50 per acre and include prescriptions for both nitrogen and seeding.

Rounding out the company’s complete offerings is FarmLogs Flow, the hardware device that plugs into a combine’s ISOBUS port allowing yield data to flow seamlessly into the FarmLogs platform as fields are being harvested. Pairing FarmLogs Flow with FarmLogs Standard and FarmLogs Advantage gives growers the ability to fully understand and analyze management zone performance and to measure the effectiveness of prescriptions with ease.

For more information, visit FarmLogs.com.

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