Krohne Inc. now offers the Optiflux 4100 electromagnetic flowmeter ideal for farming and agricultural applications, including liquid manure application, dragline pump safety and even billing for commercial applicators. The system can provide an accurate record of the fluid that was moved. It can be independently verified to validate the measurements and works equally well on tank wagons or hose systems. 

With its robust fully welded construction, full bore pipe construction, absence of moving parts and wear-resistant liner materials, the Optiflux 4100 is designed for demanding applications in harsh environments or with aggressive and abrasive media such as manure pumping and spreading.

The Optiflux 4100 is also widely used for custody transfer applications and has a wide range of certifications, including Organisation Internationale de Métrologie Légale (OIML) R49 and R117 and Measuring Instruments Directive MI-001 and MI-005.

Part of the Optiflux line of flow sensor for process applications, the 4100 model has rugged construction that extends equipment lifetime.


Offering good corrosion, erosion and abrasion resistance, it is available with a wide choice of housing and flange materials, including various grades of stainless steel. It features bi-directional flow metering and a wide range of approvals for hazardous areas. The Optiflux 4100 also provides extensive diagnostic capabilities.

Krohne offers a range of sizes for the Optiflux 4100, as well as special construction options and customized inner diameters and thicknesses. External coatings are available for subsoil installation. Also available are optional protective coating paint specifications in accordance with SO 12944. Every meter leaving the factory is wet-calibrated on Krohne’s traceable calibration rigs.