DULUTH, Ga. — AGCO Corp. a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment, is announced its participation as a founding member of the DKE Data-Hub initiative. Through the DKE Data-Hub, AGCO is working with other leaders in the agricultural industry to solve data communication and conversion problems for growers.

With release planned for 2018, the Data-Hub will tackle the issue of allowing data transfer and conversion from multiple suppliers and OEMs to communicate with each other. Rather than needing multiple communication paths between technologies, the Data-Hub will provide a neutral platform to streamline the data transfer process.

“AGCO’s participation in the DKE Data-Hub initiative will enable our customers to optimize their agricultural production processes by simplifying the transfer of data across multiple platforms,” says Matt Rushing, vice president, Global Advanced Technology Solutions Product Line at AGCO.

The DKE Data-Hub will be designed to improve efficiency, energy, work organization and the use of operating supplies leading to better quality production at lower costs. This barrier-free data exchange improves operators’ ability to manage their data, allowing them to better utilize new technologies to put the right amount of input products, such as fertilizer, in the right place, at the right time, all while seeking to protect the environment.

Other members of the DKE Data-Hub include Amazone, Grimme and Kuhn. Visit www.dke-data.com/en/ to learn more about DKE-Data GmbH & Co. KG and the Data-Hub initiative and see a full list of participants.