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AQUACHECK — Wireless Probe


Tech Specs: The AquaCheck Wireless Probe is a soil moisture probe that offers capacitance-based soil moisture measurement with up to 6 depths or sensors per probe. This version is equipped with on-board memory and a battery pack. Data sampling can be set at intervals of 15, 30 or 60 minutes with a battery life of up to 18 months. Data can then be uploaded using the AquaCheck wireless hand logger or an adjacent Pro II remote transmission unit (RTU).

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WOW Factor: The probe lengths range from 400-1,200 millimeters and users have the ability to utilize up to 6 soil moisture and 6 soil temperature sensors, depending on the length of the probe.

WINTEX AGRO — 2000 Automated Soil Sampler


Tech Specs: The 2000 Automated Soil Sampler from Wintex Agro can sample soils up to 60 centimeters and was developed with 15 years of experience. It takes soil samples in any soil — sticky clay, hard, compact, dry and sandy. It is 100% automatic and takes samples from two different layers in just one operational step. Program one takes soil samples from 0-60 centimeters and Program two from 0-30 centimeters and 30-60 centimeters at the same time. The depths can be adjusted. The probe goes in by hydraulic hammer carrying out 2,100 blows per minute and pressure from the cylinder. The pressure is adjusted to type of soil and the soil can then be filled into bags or boxes by means of a funnel, ready for the laboratory. It is also reliably takes high-quality samples quickly and effectively and can be mounted on all vehicles and trailers.

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WOW Factor: The automated soil samplers take samples at consistent depth with a core probe getting homogeneous, accurate samples from adjusted depths with operations done from the driver’s seat. Advanced technology senses rocks and other obstacles beneath the surface, reversing the cycle and finding a free entrance into the soil. Using GPS positioning systems, soil samples are geographically registered and can be used for monitoring nutritional changes over time.

360 YIELD CENTER — 360 Soilscan


Tech Specs: The durable, portable 360 Soilscan from 360 Yield Center builds a customized nitrogen (N) plan for a farming operation using a tablet or mobile device as the operating platform. The sampling process is simple, and in less than 5 minutes, operators can start building their N plan. It can take a 12- or 24-inch soil sample from the field. Place two scoops of soil into the standard cup provided and place it into the mixing station. Mix the soil and distilled water into a slurry. After analyzing the soil with the system, utilize the corn N need calculator to determine an application recommendation based on the results. The companion 360 Yield Patrol app offers in-field visual scouting capabilities that allows growers to track what is happening in the field and soil for better nutrient and plant health decisions. Users can store their soil test data and link this information.

Compatibility Index: Exclusively Aftermarket Product

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WOW Factor: Often, understanding just how much N is left in the field from fall application can be tricky, but the unit is a portable soil testing system that lets operators accurately test N availability and soil pH right in the field. With real-time measurement, farmers can have a clear picture of nitrate levels in order to make midseason N application decisions in about 5 minutes — with the same accuracy as a traditional soil lab.

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