DULUTH, Ga.— AGCO Corp., a manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment solutions, announced development partnerships with agricultural technology companies Aglytix and Farmobile to deliver farm optimization services to AGCO customers. The partnerships will enable growers to reduce waste, increase yield and improve profitability through actionable insights for their fleet, in their fields and across their farms. The new services, initially launching through select dealers in North and South America next year, will complement the fleet and operational services already available through AGCO’s Fuse Connected Services offering.

This release will offer analytics and insights growers and trusted advisors can utilize to visualize, validate, simplify and improve operational decisions. The partnerships will also enable deeper connectivity for mixed fleets of both AGCO and non-AGCO brand equipment, streamlined data management and other farm profitability opportunities.

Agricultural insights company Aglytix is a software company at its core, leveraging proven and patented analytics methods and algorithms to identify challenges and opportunities growers face as they continually strive to increase productivity across their operations. Farmobile is a farm data company that helps farmers harness their fleet and field data, and enables growers to collect, store, share and sell their valuable operational data to vetted third parties. 

AGCO’s partnerships with Aglytix and Farmobile are functions of AGCO’s Fuse approach to precision agriculture and services. The three companies also share the same position on farmer data ownership and privacy, and the services this partnership will enable will be fully aligned to provide a seamless customer experience.

Aglytix and Farmobile offerings will be available through select AGCO dealers in North and South America in 2017. Further rollouts are slated for 2018 after evaluation and refinement of the offering.