Agxcel’s GX30i VRT is an intelligent decision-making microprocessor that manages and controls system pressure in a variable rate application environment. Many prescriptions require application rates that span anywhere from 20-40 GPA at any given moment. A single size orifice cannot sustain this broad range. 

The GX30i VRT addresses this issue by implementing a three stage orifice system. This allows for a much broader range of application both at high and low rates. Two orifices are selected, one for lower and one for higher range. The third orifice is created by allowing both Micro Control Valves to open which combines the upper and lower ranges into a dual application ratio. 

AgXcel’s Micro Control Valves control the flow on each row and creates an instant shut off point, preventing system pressure loss when the system goes into hold mode. By using dual valves on each row this allows for a more responsive application when the system goes from hold position to run.

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