Precision Planting’s FurrowJet is a planter fertilizer attachment that accurately places liquid fertilizer for optimal root absorption. Seedling and crown roots need access to nutrients, immediately and continuously; FurrowJet is the answer to this need, changing the way fertilizer can be applied for the maximum nutrient uptake. It mounts behind the seed tube to the quick-attach Keeton firmer bracket.

FurrowJet rides in the furrow with an integrated seed firmer and wings following to slice the furrow sidewall, applying liquid fertilizer in-furrow and 0.75 inches away from the seed on both sides of the furrow. Additionally, standard in-furrow fertilizer can continue to be applied as in the past with FurrowJet. Even with increased rates of common starters, FurrowJet is able to avoid seed burn because of its 0.75 inch placement away from the seed.

FurrowJet gives each plant a head start right out of the gate to maximize the yield.

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