NEW HOLLAND, Pa. — New Holland Agriculture expands its product offering with the introduction of three Precision Land Management technologies, PLM Drone Data Management, IntelliTurn and Cygnus-A receiver. These new products, like the rest of the PLM offering, are engineered to reduce cost, increase productivity, and improve efficiency.

In cooperation with DroneDeploy, New Holland offers a new drone data package, PLM Drone Data Management, to assist farmers in collecting up-to-date aerial data mapping of their operation. 

IntelliTurn utilizes NHDrive technology to intelligently turn the vehicle, automatically calculating and executing end-of-row turns, without the need for manual steering. 

PLM Cygnus-A, a mid-range receiver at a mid-range price point, is the perfect receiver for IntelliSteer LITE, New Holland combine yield monitors, third-party displays or for standalone receiver needs. The increased platform kit support and a mid-range DGPS receiver further strengthen the IntelliSteer LITE product offering into 2017.

PLM Drone Data Management

  • Powered by DroneDeploy.
  • Collects aerial imagery to efficiently capture and uncover any opportunities, such as adjusting a fertilizer program or identifying heavy compaction areas in order to improve yields.
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use and fast software to capture imagery, view and analyze high-quality maps, and share maps and insights to take immediate action. Easily integrates drone data into workflow with exports compatible with industry-standard software.
  • Easily plan and execute flight plans
  • Controlled by either Android or iOS devices, access to responsive, highly-rated in-app support, no desktop hardware or software required.

IntelliTurn — Intelligent Automatic End of Row Turn Systems

  • Recognized for its industry-leading adaptability, IntelliTurn works on all field types and at varying speeds with the flexibility to execute end-of-row turns in even the most challenging layouts.
  • System to be released on tractor platforms in spring of 2017 and harvesters and sprayers by late 2017.
  • Automatic turn system mimics what an operator would do, with a smart, intuitive set up that utilizes existing parameters for easy operation and maximizes infield efficiency so operator can concentrate on the task.
  • Provides immediate feedback on the appropriate speed to make the upcoming turn.
  • Streamlines user interface and offers a quick return on investment with its competitive price point.
  • Optimal for cash crop, small grains and anyone that utilizes fields with headlands. 

PLM Cygnus-A — MidRande GNSS Receiver

  • Ability to accommodate a mixed fleet of different brands and on older and newer models, ensuring simplicity.
  • Alongside flagship IntelliSteer autoguidance solution, IntelliSteer LITE with the PLM Cygnus-A receiver offers customers a mid-range solution utilizing electric motor delivery.

Cygnus-A with IntelliSteer LITE mimics the User interface of the IntelliSteer product so that customers only have one process of setup and operation to learn, streamlining the technology for more efficiency.

New PLM offerings will be available in spring of 2017.