By: Sue Roesler, Farm & Ranch Guide

Producers who use New Holland tractors now have the ability to control several brands of farm implements and machines from the cab of their tractor using their New Holland IntelliView IV color touchscreen display.

“The new system allows producers to use our display to control a mixed fleet of implements. In the past, guys had to use multiple displays, one for every implement,” said Chris Carrier, marketing manager for New Holland.

The IntelliView IV can be integrated into the armrest so that the producer can both control key tractor functions and their implements using a single screen, eliminating the need for multiple displays in the tractor window, Carrier said.

“What makes New Holland unique is our ability to put the IntelliView IV in our armrest so it is convenient to the producer and gives him a clear vision through the window of the cab,” he added.

The producer’s display screens can be customized so the information they want is right at their fingertips.

There are two new automatic section and rate control products that New Holland launched this spring – Precision Land Management (PLM) IntelliRate Control and the PLM ISO Task Controller.

IntelliRate is for non-ISOBUS implements and the PLM ISO task controller is for compatible ISOBUS implements.

ISOBUS is a system that is helping to begin standardizing communication between manufacturers so that their equipment can universally interact, according to Carrier.

“The PLM ISO Task Controller makes it possible for compatible ISOBUS machines from different manufacturers to talk with the New Holland IntelliView IV display and eliminates the need for multiple displays in the cab,” Carrier said.

With either PLM IntelliRate Control or the new PLM ISO Task Controller, producers can use their guidance systems to automatically turn on and off sections of planters and sprayers. That cuts down on inputs and eliminates double application of seed and fertilizer in areas that have already been covered or at headland turns, point rows, waterways, terraces, and other odd shaped areas in their fields.

Producers can also use their prescription maps to vary application rates, increasing their yield potential and minimizing waste, Carrier said.

“Section control really saves the producer money,” he said, pointing out section control prevents seed and fertilizer overlap by automatically switching on and off up to 48 individual rows, reducing input costs.

Both IntelliRate and the new PLM ISO Task Controller can also vary application rates by reading prescription maps prepared in advance, enhancing yield potential.

As the application controller moves across various parts of the field, these new products are able to vary the application rates according to GPS position, rather than just applying a constant rate.

“Producers are able to apply higher seed populations in areas that are more fertile, and apply a lower rate in less productive areas, improving their yield potential by placing the right amount of product in the right place,” Carrier said.

Producers can hook up the system to different brands of implements or planters and run it all off one display, he added.

With seed and input costs continuing to rise, there is a “quick pay-back and a positive return on investment for growers using this technology,” he said.

Producers can call their local New Holland dealer, and find out more about the these new products.

“Technology is really helping producers cut their input costs and New Holland has kept abreast of the very latest to give producers a step up with operating their machinery in a way that saves them time and money and produces the best crop in the most efficient way,” Carrier said.

The inside of a New Holland tractor showing the IntelliView IV color touchscreen display.

A producer uses his Precision Land Management (PLM) IntelliRate Control to apply fertilizer where needed and not overlap applications as he drives across the field.