February 26, 2013 — Introduced to Ag Leader dealers during the winter dealer event in December 2012, the GPS 2500B has been spurring much interest within the precision ag community. The GPS 2500B has many capabilities that make it fit right into Ag Leader’s current GPS Market. It is a dual frequency GPS/GLONASS capable base station that is portable, but can also be used in permanent mounting situations. It will come installed with a 900MHz radio that can be paired with an internal radio that’s purchasable for new and existing GPS 2500s, and unlocked for RTK.

Setup is quick and simple for the GPS 2500B. Once connected to a 12v power source, settings for the base station are easily changed from the softkey display built into the base station. Through the display interface, the radio channel, surveys, and port settings are just a few of many settings that can be accessed. The survey process only takes five minutes once a GPS fix is acquired, so in the amount of time it takes to fill your planter you can have RTK accurate GPS when moving from field to field.

The GPS 2500B will be an excellent option for customers with the OnTrac2+ Assisted Steering System, or the Ag Leaders Intellislope Tile Plow Control System. For $7995, the kit comes with the 2500B receiver, internal 900MHz radio, RTK radio Antenna, tripod, and hard plastic carrying case.
Ag Leader will begin accepting orders in mid-February and expects to start shipping in mid-March.