AMES, Iowa — Improved soil tilth for better root development, lengthened planting windows and better nutrient access for crops are just a few benefits of field tiling. A new family of functionality for Ag Leader’s INTEGRA display, called Intellislope, makes achieving those benefits easier and more economical for growers to do themselves by simplifying planning, installation and documentation of field drainage tile.

Intellislope allows growers to survey the field and plan tile line location, grade and depth without the use of surveying lasers and equipment. Using a Soil-Max tile plow or similar equipment, an operator can then easily install drainage tile at the correct depth and grade using Intellislope’s AutoTile mode. After installation, data can be archived into SMS for software record keeping and analysis.

“The benefits of good sub-surface water management using drainage tile are tremendous. Earlier soil warm-up and longer planting windows, better nutrient management during the growing season, and reduced surface runoff are all advantages a well-drained field can provide,” said Aaron Friedlein, Product Manager at Ag Leader Technology. “Intellislope makes it simple to properly install drainage tile that can lead to increased flexibility and higher yield.”

“We are excited to expand the functionality of the INTEGRA display with the field-proven features of Intellislope,” said Ag Leader President, Al Myers. “It’s a unique and powerful tool that allows a grower to invest in their operation today, with benefits that will payback for years to come.”

Intellislope is exclusively available on Ag Leader INTEGRA displays. For additional information, visit an Ag Leader dealer or