A Precision Farming Dealer Staff Report

As water availability and usage becomes more important, dealers are tapping into opportunities to deliver precision products and services that allow farmers to be more economical with their water management practices. Here are 7 takeaways from the roundtable discussion at the 2017 Precision Farming Dealer Summit 

  1. There are current compatibility challenges with different sensors that measure in the same way but display results differently.
  2. Legislation concerns could inhibit growth in the water management area as a revenue opportunity. Dealers are cautious to explore offerings because they they don’t want government regulation to deter growth.
  3. Have a point person to be in contact with government to keep up to date on pending water regulations both locally and nationally.
  4. Leasing out moisture probes on an annual basis and providing services/support can open the door for additional precision services.
  5. Explore non-traditional markets. One example given is that golf courses aren’t aware of the possibilities of moisture control, which can make for an easy sales call.
  6. In the future, 5G communications have the potential to create considerable cost efficiencies for data plans for moisture sensors to communicate with each other. Lower cost modems that communicate faster and are more compatible.
  7. Marketing: Many customers already struggle with under-watering or overwatering, so it’s a natural discussion about monitoring. Also, work with community colleges to get the technology into the next generations’ hands so they can be water management advocates.

Read full coverage of the Precision Farming Dealer Summit presentations, from how to recruit and retain precision employees, to developing a standalone precision business, to managing customers’ data, in the March 2017 issue of Farm Equipment.



Roundtable Discussion Topics

1. Precision Peer Groups: Your External Support Network
2. Tips, Tricks & Tactics for Selling Data Management Service
3. Does My Precision Ag Business Need to Have a CRM?
4. Putting on a Successful Precision Ag Field Day
5. Market Corrections: Lessons Learned During the Downturn
6. UAVs: Ready for Takeoff? Or a Grounded Technology?
7. Aftermarket Opportunities: What am I Missing?
8. Where Can I Find My Next Precision Hire?
9. Bundling Service: What to Include & How to Price
10. Better Advice for Selling RTK Subscriptions
11. Probing the Moisture Sensor & Water Management Market  (currently viewing)
12. 7 Considerations for Succession Planning for a Precision Farming Business
13. Autonomy in Ag: What Role Will I Play?
14. Bridging the Hardware Gap: Adding Agronomic Services