Tersus GNSS Inc., a GNSS RTK manufacturing company released its brand new auto-steer solution. The AG960 AutoSteer System will accelerate the application of autopilot for precision agricultural machinery and thus, to enhance and optimize operational accuracy and productivity for modern farmers.

The system is an autopilot solution for agricultural machinery. It represents a technological combination of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and automation. By integrating high-precision navigation RTK receiver and software, it makes agricultural machines operate in accordance with the pre-set planning path achievable.

The whole system is comprised by GNSS antenna, vehicle display panel, high-precision positioning receiver, hydraulic valve (steering wheel, optional), steering sensor, etc. With precise GNSS guidance, the hydraulic system of agricultural machinery is steered by vehicle controller.

Then agricultural machines can operate align with the set route automatically and graphical details will be displayed on screen. It is easy to use and applicable for each working cycle of agriculture, such as soil tillage, plow, ditch, ridge, seed, spray, harvest, etc.

Henry Peng, application consultant of Tersus Precision Agriculture Solution, said, “Taking one step beyond centimeter-level operation accuracy, Tersus AG960 applies advanced RTK positioning in the autopilot controller. The solution will bring about a paradigm shift in the way that farming vehicle works and will improve their operational quality and productivity. In addition to tractors, sprayers, mowers and other agricultural machines will witness major changes as well.

“Tersus plans to launch a series of solutions that meet the varied requirements of different farming machines. The AG960 has first been commercially deployed in China, and will be further rolled out in other regions around the world, where it will help modern farmers go hassle-free in their daily work and produce more with less”, said Xiaohua Wen, founder and CEO of Tersus.