BRENTWOOD, Tenn. — EFC Systems Inc., is pleased to announce an expanded integration between its FieldAlytics product and Agronomic Technology Corp’s. Adapt-N nitrogen (N) recommendations and monitoring system. With this functionality now in mass release, FieldAlytics users have the ability to leverage field data already available within their software to automatically generate powerful, unbiased, and scientifically validated variable-rate N recommendations.

The expanded integration enables a variety of agronomic data from within FieldAlytics to be used in configuring Adapt-N recommendations. This includes utilization of soil test results, yield data, management zones, as well as existing applications of fertilizer, manure and irrigation.

In the coming weeks, EFC Systems plans to make a second Agronomic Technology Corp product, N-Insight, available to its FieldAlytics users. N-Insight is an instant N diagnostic tool that produces a 5 year N loss report for a field. The main intent is to enable the agronomist to have a meaningful conversation with growers about how they might improve N management on their fields.