DES MOINES, Iowa  —Premier Crop Systems announced its API integration with Software Solutions Integrated (SSI) business management software called Agvance. This integration will simplify the workflow for Agriculture retailers that send summary information for variable-rate nutrient recommendations to Agvance for field application.

The integration used a method established through many years of collaboration under the AgGateway umbrella.  As a result, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, like Agvance, will be able to integrate with Premier Crop, and other site-specific agronomy systems. This will create consistency, reduce development cost and create time efficiency to exchange key nutrient recommendations within Agriculture retailers workflow.

“As site-specific agronomy (otherwise known as precision ag) increases adoption in the marketplace, it becomes more important to simplify the workflow for the Agronomy and Operations Departments within an Ag Retailer organization to allow them to handle the increased volume of activity,” said Mark Stelford, general manager at Premier Crop Systems.

Stelford also explained, “This is a challenging task to accomplish for an Agronomy Software or ERP software system given how many different systems Ag Retailers use. Connecting these systems, using a consistent industry-wide approach, will make software development easier, which will help us grow the footprint of site-specific agronomy in row crop agriculture.”

Rob Bullock, VP of strategy for SSI noted, “Although Agvance has many tools to help cooperatives and retailers efficiently run their businesses, we realize that these businesses need to be able to select the software that they feel is the best for a particular task. SSI has and will continue to focus on enabling the integration of other software systems into the business processes managed within Agvance.”