Farmers Business Network
1123 Industrial Rd., Ste. 200
San Carlos, CA, 94070

Phone: 844-200-FARM

Key Contacts:
Amol Deshpande, CEO
Brant Caley, Business Development

Farmers Business Network (FBN) is cracking the code on how farmers can use their precision data to drive up yields and drive down costs. The FBN farmer-to-farmer network allows farmers to comprehensively analyze their precision farm data — from any source or manufacturer — as well as anonymously aggregate it with over 14 million acres of participating farms. Farms have realized tens of thousands of dollars of savings and gained income through FBN analytics, and membership only costs $600/year for farms of any size.

After uploading data or connecting through the MyJohnDeere API, farmers automatically receive: field benchmarking, automated annual reports, input optimization analysis, seed and chemical price transparency, activity recording and the industry’s largest real world seed performance database, FBN Seed Finder. Trusted advisers can connect their account and help farmers manage their data.

Farmers can make better planting, harvest and buying decisions with access to information like:

  1. Which seeds would work best in each of their fields unique soils conditions, through FBN Yield Potential, which automatically learns from the millions of acres of participating farms.
  2. How to fine-tune each seed’s population, placement, planting timing using over 2,700 seed performance profiles.
  3. Fair market prices for thousands of seeds and chemicals, powered by over 30,000 real world input invoices.

Farmers Business Network offers exciting referral programs to precision agriculture resellers. If your company is looking to get more involved with offering agronomic services, the FBN network can help bridge that gap.