DECATUR, Ill. — The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto Company, announced at Farm Progress Show the addition of new features and data connectivity enhancements for the 2018 season to its industry-leading Climate FieldView digital agriculture platform. Additionally, Climate announced R&D advancements accelerating through the company’s innovation pipeline and speeding the delivery of digital ag solutions for farmers.

To further enable farmers’ ability to harness their data to identify in-field variability and tailor their crop inputs by field zone, Climate has developed more flexible and robust fertility management and planting prescription tools, helping farmers optimize yield tailored to their unique goals. With new manual fertility scripting tools for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and lime, in addition to advanced seed scripting enhancements across a broader geography with new imagery-based management zones, farmers will have a more complete picture of input optimization across all their fields.

In January 2017, The Climate Corporation announced its industry-leading R&D pipeline of more than 35 projects, the first in-depth pipeline of its kind in the digital agriculture industry. Today, the company has also announced that it is moving farming forward with several projects advancing quickly through its innovation pipeline.

Key R&D Innovation Advancements
Fertility: Manual Fertility Scripting (N, P, K, Lime) — Manual fertility scripting is Climate’s next step in developing a comprehensive fertility solution for farmers. Farmers will be able to create a customized management plan for nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and lime tailored to their unique goals, saving time, optimizing inputs and improving on-farm productivity.

Seeds and Planting: Advanced Seed Scripting Enhancements — With three science projects advancing through the pipeline, Climate is making seed scripting available to more farmers in more geographies. Advanced seed scripting uses a farmer's historical yield data, combined with proprietary field testing results, to provide farmers with seed planting prescriptions tailored to their unique yield goals.

Climate is building on this tool for the 2018 season, enabling the development of management zones derived from field health imagery. Adding imagery as a second option means that more than 80 percent of corn acres in the United States can now use Climate’s advanced seed scripting capabilities. 

Field Insights: Corn Disease Diagnosis & Identification — Climate is using artificial intelligence (AI) to identify a corn disease in real-time from the field. In addition, Climate is adding more corn diseases to the portfolio, previously announced in January. Disease insights will provide unique value to a farmer, helping them protect yield from in-season threats.

In addition to new manual fertility scripting and advanced seed scripting enhancements, the Climate FieldView platform will offer enhancements to its Yield Analysis tool and expand data and equipment connectivity to enable more farmers to experience the value of the Climate FieldView platform.

Yield Analysis Enhancements — With Climate’s seed performance and analysis tools, farmers can see what worked and what didn’t in their field trials and apply those insights to future years with the ability to save those regions in a new yield-by-region report. Farmers can also save and record a field region report through enhanced drawing and note taking tools, and retrieve the report at a later date for easy analysis on any portion of their field to better understand how their inputs are performing.

Expanded Data and Equipment Connectivity - More farmers can get all their data in one place with broader connectivity across an expanded set of equipment types, makes and models, to easily collect field data for the agronomic inputs they manage throughout the season. With this expanded equipment compatibility, the Climate FieldView Drive, a device that easily streams field data directly into the Climate FieldView platform, will work with most planters and 65% of combines in the U.S., an increase from 50% percent of combines in 2016.

To enable more farmers to experience the value of the Climate FieldView platform, the company is also expanding equipment and data compatibility for the FieldViewTM Drive with anhydrous applicators and air seeders. Farmers will also be able to simplify getting their data in one place by automatically retrieving data from the John Deere Operations Center, where they can retrieve planting and harvest files from their account and pull them directly into the Climate FieldView platform.

2018 New Pricing and Extended 2017 Pricing
For the 2018 season, Climate FieldView Plus provides simplified data collection, increased data compatibility, broader connectivity across more equipment types, enhanced yield analysis tools, field health imagery, manual seed scripting and improved on-boarding support for $999 for a 365-day subscription.

Farmers that have subscribed to FieldView Plus can upgrade fields of their choice to Climate FieldView Pro, which offers advanced seed prescriptions and nitrogen monitoring by zone bundled together for $4 per acre or farmers can purchase either advanced seed prescriptions or nitrogen monitoring by zone for $3 per acre for the crop season.

As a special offer, The Climate Corporation will extend 2017 pricing of $749 for a Climate FieldView Plus subscription until Oct. 15, 2017 to encourage farmers to experience the value of FieldView Plus first hand for harvest in 2017. In 2017, the Climate FieldView platform was on more than 120 million platform acres, and paid offerings were on 35 million acres.