For the 2015 season, farmers can experience the value of advanced field-level insights through the upgraded Climate Pro service, offered in key corn growing regions this season for three dollars an acre through certified dealers. Climate Pro uses a combination of publicly available data sets, data licensed from third parties and farmer-provided information to feed data science models that deliver customized, field-level insights for farmers as they work to make important decisions about their operations.

“With our launch last year, we received valuable feedback from farmers on the tool,” said Sarah Pierce, Marketing Manager for The Climate Corp. “That feedback is at the heart of the product upgrades we are making in 2015.”

Highlights of the 2015 product offering, available in March, include: a new mobile experience to help farmers more easily access the tools anywhere, anytime; an increased focus on the tools farmers value most; and a field-by-field user interface to maximize the value of the service.

This year, farmers will experience a more integrated service offering with a focus on nitrogen management and field health. “Farmers told us they found significant value in the field health and nitrogen management tools of Climate Pro and that they wanted a more comprehensive view of each field,” said Pierce. “In the 2015 offering, farmers will see a field-by-field view of their farm, with both nitrogen and field health information. We are excited about the added functionality and value these changes can provide for our farmer customers at the three dollar price point.

”The nitrogen tools in Climate Pro can help farmers track the level of nitrogen in their soil across the entire corn-growing season. The field health tools in the service combine remote sensing imagery with field-by-field data on rainfall, temperature, growing degree days, crop stage, soil type and field topography. With these advanced field insights, farmers can optimize their nitrogen use and identify problems in their fields early so they can focus their scouting efforts and take quick action to address pests and other issues that impact yield.

“Access to these tools in the field is very important to our farmer customers,” said Pierce. “In 2015, our Climate Pro mobile app will provide insights for farmers to support their in-person scouting efforts, enabling them to pull up satellite imagery and nitrogen information that can help them identify issues in the field that can’t be seen with the naked eye.”

The 2015 upgrades to Climate Pro represent new opportunities to help farmers drive yields, optimize their natural resource use and ultimately improve their profits. The Climate Corp. is committed to delivering advanced digital agriculture tools that can enable the next wave of innovation in precision agriculture.

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