Remote Service Technology

Dear Precision Farming Dealer,

Many farmers have adopted the use of various precision farming applications. The problem lies in their ability to decipher the information being gathered. Farmers around the world are asking themselves, “Ok, I have all of this data, but how do I use it?”

Farmers are beginning to look even more closely to the dealer in an effort to seek out assistance with making the most of their precision technology. New technologies can provide useful information to farmers, and can even help them make informed decisions for the future. However, this can only be done if farmers fully understand what they are dealing with.

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The Struggle of Dealing with “Dirty Data”

Though precision-capable machinery can provide significant data, it becomes worthless if set up improperly. A major struggle of precision farmers today is staying consistent with system upgrades and routine calibrations.

Farmers have saved as much as $5,500 in seed costs in ONE 50-acre field using row clutches. This could be the case for many other farmers, but most do not know the importance of making sure all machines are calibrated correctly and updated with the newest software.

Dealers have the opportunity to build trust with their customers by keeping up with system software and ensuring farmers are always aware of updates.

One upgrade could mean the difference of a precision farmer losing or gaining thousands of dollars in productivity during any given growing season.

In this eGuide, discover many other ways that “Dirty Data” can make its way into the file folders of precision farmers:

  • Equipment Malfunction.
  • Incompatible Data: Upgrading From One System to Another.
  • Running More Than One Machine at a Time.

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A Precision Farmer’s Headache

Farmers are experiencing several points of pain when it comes to working with multiple brands of precision technology. A great number of these farmers are addicted to technology, but struggle with making the most of their investments.

In this special report, find many other causes of precision headaches and how YOU, as a dealer, can aid in fixing the problem.

Sources of precision farmer headaches discussed in this eGuide:

  • Lack of Cross-Functionality Between GPS Systems.
  • Not Enough Precision Equipment Techs to Go Around.
  • Reliability of GPS Signals.

Your Role in Analyzing Data

Analyzing data can be a precision farmer’s greatest pain. Many struggle with filing data in a manner that makes it easily accessible. Finding the time to go over said data with a specialist can also be a bit of a hassle.

Dealerships can make it a point to provide farmers with what they really need, which is how to become more profitable by using gathered data correctly. Doing this will ensure the satisfaction of your customers, keeping them faithful to spending time in your store.

Make the Most of Your Time With Your Clients!

A farmer’s time is precious and any time taken out of their day to attend dealer events should be used wisely. As a dealer, ensure that the information you provide during these events is in line with what the customer is really searching for.

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Yours for a better farm equipment industry,

Michaela Paukner, Precision Farming Dealer