CASE IH – AFS AccuTurn


Tech Specs: New AccuTurn automated headland-turning technology from Case IH takes the guesswork out of turning on headlands, which gives farmers improved accuracy and reduces operator fatigue. Using software logic from the Case IH Autonomous Concept Vehicle (ACV), this auto-guidance technology provides hands-free, automatic and repeatable turns. Features of the system include, precise product application to manage and control inputs, reducing inconsistencies seen through manual steering with mounted or trailing planters, seeders or fertilizer applicators at the end of the field and multiple modes of operation, automatic and turn now, allowing operators to customize the level of automation to their application at hand, from tillage and sidedressing to planting and seeding.


Turn-path planning and turn-speed optimization seamlessly navigate the tightest turns and position the tractor and implement into the next pass. The industry-exclusive auto-speed feature provides automatic turn-path planning that adapts to each operation’s speed, including maximum-turn-speed alerts.



Tech Specs: Looking to combine its GPS, steering and Slingshot technologies into one compatible format, the Raven RS1 is positioned on the top of any given cab and introduces an updated set of steering features. Included is the ability to adjust turn sensitivity in real time and multi-lingual support.

Compatibility Index: ISOBUS Certified Component


The data-storing capabilities with Slingshot will compile machine data to detect any patterns of systematic issues and quickly remedy the situation, lessening the reliability on maintenance.

TERSUS GNSS INC. – AG960 Auto-Steer System


Tech Specs: AG960 Auto-steer system from Tersus GNSS Inc., is an autopilot solution for agricultural machinery. By integrating high-precision navigation receiver and software, it makes farming tractors and other vehicles operate in accordance with the pre-set planning path achievable.


Increase the accuracy of operation in terms of precision agriculture with an easy to use auto-steer system, applicable for each working cycle of agriculture, including as soil tillage, plowing, ditching, ridging, seeding, spraying and harvest.

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